Wednesday, 11 December 2019


The reports should be online today. they are different from the Nursery and Reception reports (and for those of you with older brothers/sisters) the format has changed)

Below is some additional information to help you better understand your child’s report.

As explained in the email yesterday, the reports have a new format. If your child has a grade of ACHIEVED then he/she is working at the expected level for Year One.  Most of your child’s report will be ACHIEVED and this indicates that they are working at the level they should be.  Some children will have some grades that are working towards the expected level and a few will have confident.  At this young age (only learning English for a short time) it is unlikely that your child will be confident (beyond age expectations) in many areas of the curriculum.

For the ELLI section this term your child will only have a score for busy bee (working with others) and a persevering turtle (not giving up).  The rest will still say NEVER. This does not mean that they never show these skills, but that we have not yet controlled to see how often the show these skills.


In maths the measure objective is based measuring & comparing length (using blocks, not rulers)

The geometry objective  -  names and basic properties of 2D shapes

Science – parts of body & senses

Humanities (Geography) - knowledge and understanding of the seasons.

Computing – mouse control /drawing

PE – throwing and catching and general body control during PE

Art – general work throughout the term

Music – effort in singing


This is the phonics we have done this term. Set 2 sounds

 Vowel sound
Set 2 Speed Sound Rhyme
Green words
ay: may I play
day play say may tray today
ee: what can you see?
seen need sleep feel three green
igh: fly high
might light sight night fright
ow: blow the snow
snow flow know show blow
oo: poo at the zoo
mood fool pool stool moon spoon
oo: look at a book
took shook cook foot
ar: start the car
bar park smart sharp car spark
or: shut the door
sort short worn horse sport fork
air: that’s not fair
fair stair hair lair chair
ir: whirl and twirl
girl third whirl twirl dirt
We will begin with these after the holidays
ou: shout it out
mouth round found loud shout
oy: toy for a boy
toy boy enjoy


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