Friday, 20 December 2019


We must have been good and worked hard this year because Santa came to visit us today. We've all promised him we will continue to work hard, be good for our parents and teachers and be kind to everyone.

I have a photo of each person with Santa. But only half of them are permitted to be on the blog. If you want the photo please let me know by email.

I also have numerous other photos of the trip to Divertilandia, Christmas jumper day and other Christmas fun, but again, many children can't be on the blog and I have not had time to select the photos which can be used.

 Christmas Jumper Day for UNICEF




Yesterday the children brought home some homework in their library book folder and a maths books which we will not need next term so they can complete if they wish (you do not need to return it.) 

If they compete the Christmas homework and return it then I will give them a sticker but it in NOT OBLIGATORY. The children deserve a rest as they have worked hard.

You can also play any of the games on the blog (mangahigh has now finished, unfortunately it was only a 2 week trial)

Try these sites too

teach your monster to read

links to various reading games at a variety of levels

Happy Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Reading Books

For some reason I though today was Wednesday so I started changing reading books. If your child has brought home new reading books today, it is not necessary to bring them again tomorrow. If they do not have their books today, please send them in tomorrow (Wed) as normal to be changed. Please send the library books in on Thursday as normal. We will use the big library folder to send home some of their Christmas work too.

Homework for the holidays.

Some parents have requested work for the holidays and others do not want any.  School has suggested that each class should have 2 or 3 pieces of work, which is what I will send home on Thursday.

On Wednesday the children will bring home most of the work they have done this term so you can look through that and practice things they have struggled with. They will also bring home the maths book. Not all of the pages are completed so they can complete that too if they wish, but it is not necessary to return it.  (See note inside the maths book)

Any child who completes the homework sheets will be given a sticker if they return it. If you choose not to do it, or to do it in January,  that is fine too.

Many children also need to practise their handwriting. Unfortunately, it is the most boring task there is. Perhaps they can draw a picture for their Grandparents (or whoever) saying thank you for their present, but insist that the writing MUST be there BEST HANDWRITING.  Doing your best writing for a reason, rather than just doing a sheet, is more effective.



Monday, 16 December 2019

Last week of School!!!!!!

We have almost made it. This last week will be full of fun Christmas activities.

Tomorrow is the Infant show (Christmas with the Aliens) which will start at 2pm prompt.

On Wednesday we will watch the junior show (Y3-Y6)

On Thursday we might do some real work!!! We are practicing adding money.  But I'm sure there will be time for more Christmas fun too! Try some of these games over the holidays  money games, coins games. We practice adding both UK coins and Euros/cents. There is also a new game for recognising UK coins on the activelearn site.

On Friday we will have a mini party and hopefully (if we're good) Santa will pop in at some point to bring us some presents.
On Friday your child may wear whatever clothes he/she wants (no charge)
School will provide some food for the party, but if you would like to cook something at home with your children, feel free!

Thanks to all of you who have sent in presents for the poorer children in Jinamar and for sending the 1 euro for UNICEF last  Friday.

The books from the book club have arrived. We will be giving them out to the children on Thursday (due to shows on Tuesday & Wednesday) If you would like the book to be a surprise present, please let me know and I can give it to you in person.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Last weeks of school

Today your child's report will be online, via the login page of the school website. Please see previous blog post and email from office (yesterday) for more information about the report.

In your child's reading folder there is also a form to fill in if you have questions/doubts about your child's report and you would like to come and see us.

Tomorrow we will do the dress rehearsal. If your child has not yet brought in his/her costume, please send it in tomorrow. 

On Friday children should come to school wearing a Christmas jumper/t-shirt. This jumper/t-shirt is currently part of their Christmas show costume. Tomorrow they will bring it home so they can wear it on Friday. It should then be returned on Monday or Tuesday ready for the show.  On Friday they should wear the Christmas jumper/t-shirt (with any trousers/skirt - it doesn't have to be uniform) and bring 1 euro for UNICEF.

School has also sent an email requesting that each child has a plastic bag (or even better a re-usable bag) inside their school bag. Over the next few days there will be lots of things they need to bring home and there is not always room in the school bags.  This bag should be kept in the school bag at all times, not just over the Christmas period. The books from the book club will be arriving in the next few days.

If you would like to buy a present for a child less fortunate than ourselves, We are still collecting gifts to be distributed around Jinamar. (see email from office at the beginning if the month.) We are still missing 5 euros from some children to pay for the gift from the "special visitor" on the last day of term. If you have not sent that yet, please send it in too.


Week beginning Monday 2nd December

THis is last weeks blog post but it appears I didn't actually put it online. Sorry

Literacy - this week we are learning the sound ir (whirl and twirl)

skirt   girl   shirt   bird   dirty   first   third

There will be no Read Write Inc lessons this week however they children will still bring home a RWI book (and Oxford Reading Tree books) on Wednesday as normal. They may find this book harder as we will not have worked on it in class.

Today the children have done a simple test in literacy and later this week they will do a maths assessment. It is not necessary for the children to revise, nor to worry about. It is just for us to monitor their progress and get them in the habit of tests for later in their school years. The grade given on their reports (which you will receive next week) is based mainly on the work the children do in class not on the tests.

Maths - there is no new maths objective or new game this week as we are busy doing tests and preparing for Christmas.

You can try this game to interpret bar graphs and answer a variety of questions at different levels.
Eg How many children like football? How many children like golf?  How many more like football than golf etc.

Topic - we are still working on the seasons.

Trip - On Wednesday we will be visiting a theatre to see a play about recycling. Hopefully after that the children will be more aware of what we can recycle in school and what should go in the bin. Here in school we encourage them to put any plastic waste from snacks in the yellow bin.  We also encourage them not to waste paper or paper towels.

We have already received some presents to give to the poorer people of Jinamar. Last week school sent an email requesting each child buy a present of about 10 euros and bring it to school wrapped to be delivered to Jinamar church. Please also remember to send in an envelope with 5€ for presents from the special end of term visitor.

We will also be visiting Divertilandia next Tuesday (10th) The cost for this will be added onto you January school fees.


The reports should be online today. they are different from the Nursery and Reception reports (and for those of you with older brothers/sisters) the format has changed)

Below is some additional information to help you better understand your child’s report.

As explained in the email yesterday, the reports have a new format. If your child has a grade of ACHIEVED then he/she is working at the expected level for Year One.  Most of your child’s report will be ACHIEVED and this indicates that they are working at the level they should be.  Some children will have some grades that are working towards the expected level and a few will have confident.  At this young age (only learning English for a short time) it is unlikely that your child will be confident (beyond age expectations) in many areas of the curriculum.

For the ELLI section this term your child will only have a score for busy bee (working with others) and a persevering turtle (not giving up).  The rest will still say NEVER. This does not mean that they never show these skills, but that we have not yet controlled to see how often the show these skills.


In maths the measure objective is based measuring & comparing length (using blocks, not rulers)

The geometry objective  -  names and basic properties of 2D shapes

Science – parts of body & senses

Humanities (Geography) - knowledge and understanding of the seasons.

Computing – mouse control /drawing

PE – throwing and catching and general body control during PE

Art – general work throughout the term

Music – effort in singing


This is the phonics we have done this term. Set 2 sounds

 Vowel sound
Set 2 Speed Sound Rhyme
Green words
ay: may I play
day play say may tray today
ee: what can you see?
seen need sleep feel three green
igh: fly high
might light sight night fright
ow: blow the snow
snow flow know show blow
oo: poo at the zoo
mood fool pool stool moon spoon
oo: look at a book
took shook cook foot
ar: start the car
bar park smart sharp car spark
or: shut the door
sort short worn horse sport fork
air: that’s not fair
fair stair hair lair chair
ir: whirl and twirl
girl third whirl twirl dirt
We will begin with these after the holidays
ou: shout it out
mouth round found loud shout
oy: toy for a boy
toy boy enjoy


Friday, 29 November 2019

Challenge books

This week the children have started doing extra work in their "Challenge Books" 

These books are designed to encourage the children to do a little bit of extra work, if they finish the task very quickly, rather than just going to play after completing an activity.
Each time the child completes a page, they move their name up. (see photo below) Once they have completed all 4 pages I mark it and move their name up into the challenge champions area.
The following week all names go back down onto the door again. 
The work will usually be a revision of activities that we have covered in class that they should be able to do independently. Usually it will be 1 maths, 1 literacy, 1 topic and 1 art/practical.

On a Friday the children will bring  home the challenge book whether it is completed or not. You may complete it at home if you wish however, YOU DO NOT NEED TO RETURN IT TO SCHOOL. 

The children receive house points if they complete the challenges, but if they don't do any it is not a problem.  Please do not be concerned or  think that your child has not done any work if they bring home an incomplete challenge book. This is EXTRA work to do, if there is time.  Over the year more and more children want to work rather than play (or they want to earn house -points) but at the beginning they are still young and need to play. 

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Christmas Jumpers

As you are aware (from the email sent yesterday) Friday 13th December is Christmas jumper day. Further details will be sent closer to the time.

As your child's costume is a Christmas jumper/Christmas t-shirt we obviously do not expect you to provide 2 jumpers/t-shirts.  Our dress rehearsal will be on the 12th December, so your child should have the entire costume in school by then. After the rehearsal your child will put the Christmas jumper/t-shirt in his/her school bag to take home (ready to wear on Friday,) The rest of the costume will remain in school.  Please send the Christmas jumper/t-shirt back to school on Monday16th ready for the show on Tuesday 17th. 

book club

Please remember - the last day for ordering books is today

Monday, 25 November 2019

Monday 25th November


Reading – Please remember we are now changing reading books on Wednesday, not Monday. Your child will get 2 new reading books on Wednesday (if they return the previous ones.) On Monday they will only get the words for their new “Read Write Inc” book.

Library books will still be changed on Thursday.

 Phonics – air (it’s not fair)  

Your child should be able to read and attempt to spell words such as  -  stair  pair  chair  hair  fairy 


This week we will learn number bonds to 20.

For most children who know their number bonds to 10 this comes quite easily, but some will need more practice. 

If you know 7 + 3 is 10   then you should be able to work out 17 + ? = 20   and later 7 + ? =20 etc

There is no new game on the activelearn site but you can try these games.

hit the button against the clock


If your child is still unsure of number bonds that make 10 then keep working with them at home and continue to play these games on number bonds to 10 (from a few weeks ago)


bonds to 10 against clock  against the clock

Bonds to 5 6 7 or 10 bonds to 5, 6, 7 & 10


There will also be a new game on the Mangahigh site each day this week. This is the final week of the Mangahigh competition. After that the mangahigh site will no longer work.  On Friday I have put a game on 3d shapes and one on money.  We have not done 3d shapes yet this year, but they may remember some shapes from reception. We will be working on money in a few weeks time. Do not be concerned if your child struggles with some of the mangahigh games. It is designed to be used across the whole year, but as the children are enjoying it and we only have it for a limited time I am putting on as many games as I can and some are harder than others.



Topic – this week we will continue to work on the weather and the seasons. We will also find time to fit in learning some Christmas songs.

You should have received a letter advising you of your child’s costume for the show. It appears that the images are not available. Hopefully the office will resend the email with the images but below I have added the images too.  Year 1 will be the crowd. They should wear a Christmas jumper or Christmas t-shirt and a pair of trousers/jeans or a skirt.  They should also have a wooly hat and scarf (gloves – optional)   Any colour, any style - the pictures are just to give you a rough idea - anything SIMILAR is fine.

Thank you for your support.











Thursday, 21 November 2019


Today your child has a small target arrow in his folder. This is a personal objective for him/her to work towards. Each week (or possibly every 2 weeks as we get closer to Christmas) your child will be "tested" to see if he has achieved the objective. Sometimes this will be done by a game on the tablet, sometimes on a white board or sometimes a rapid recall test against the clock.
If your child achieves the target, his/her name will be moved to the next colour (see photo below)  When they each the yellow bullseye in the middle they will receive a certificate and a new target. 

Each child needs to achieve the same target correctly twice to get a certificate. The targets consist of the most important objectives in maths - writing numbers to 20 (and later to 100) counting to 20/100, counting back, basic addition & subtraction, knowing 2d & 3d shape, knowing number bonds. Much later it will include counting in 2s 5s and 10s and multiplying.  It is not a race and children may do targets in a different order to their friends. Within a week there will be some children in yellow, some in green and some on purple, so the children will be unable to see who is doing well or who is struggling.

Most children have started with the objective of knowing number bonds to 10 (rapid recall) 
6+?=10 etc. We have started with one that many children feel confident with to encourage them.  If your child does not yet have that one, then please work on their current target, but you can attempt number bonds to 10 aswell if you wish.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Monday 18th November


This week we will be reading the story of Mr Wolf's week and writing our own version of the story in a group.

On Thursday your child will do a piece of big writing (independent) based on the book. Using pictures (below) to help them they need to write some simple sentences such as It was hot so I went to the beach. It was snowing so I made a snowman. At home they just need to be able to SAY some simple sentences.

Phonics - or (shut the door)  poor  horse  storm  corn  sort  fork  doctor

Try to read and spell words with the or sound.  Or try saying/writing a sentence with each word.

For some reason the web site with the image of words to read/spell will not open. Try watching this video of all the set 2 sounds to read the "or" words.  the "or" sound is at 3minutes 12 seconds.

Remember - from this week onwards we will change ALL reading books (Read Write Inc & Oxford Reading Tree) on Wednesdays. Library books will still be changed on Thursdays.

Maths - this week we are practicing addition by counting on, using a number line and counting on in our head (using our fingers)
There is a new game on the active learn site.  I will continue to put games on the Mangahigh site, but there are very few games left for children of such a young age, so some of them may be more difficult or involve more reading.

Try the helicopter rescue game too to practice adding by counting on (there are various levels) Later in the week we will work on subtraction by counting back and using a number lines.

Topic - this week we will continue working on the weather.  We will record the temperature and weather every day this week. On Friday the children will bring home their weather chart to record the weather and temperature for Saturday & Sunday. If they complete it and return it to school (in the homework tray) they will be given a sticker.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Book club

Today your child has brought home a catalogue from a UK book club.  You should also have received an email from school, explaining how to purchase the books.

All purchases must be made online before the end of Thursday 28th November. School is not able to accept any money to order books.

scholastic book club

As well as purchasing great English books for your children, school receives 20% of the value of our order in "free" books for the school.

Monday, 11 November 2019

week beginning Monday 11th November


Reading – your child will have 2 new reading books today (if they have returned last week’s ones.) They will also get the words for their new “Read Write Inc” book and they will be given that book on Wednesday.

As from next week (Wed 20th November) we will change all reading books  - both “Read Write Inc” and “Oxford Reading Tree” books on Wednesdays.

Library books will still be changed on Thursday.


Phonics – ar (start the car)  

Your child should be able to read and attempt to spell words such as  -  park  shark  farm  star  party


This week we will read the story of Kipper’s Diary and work on learning the days of the week.

Try singing this song at home.  days of week song

And these these games
DAYS OF WEEK (on level 2 the first day of the week is Sunday, not Monday)



This week we will revise number bonds to 5 and to 10  (2 + ? = 5   3 + ? = 10) etc 

Your child should know some of these bonds by memory and some will also know the corresponding subtraction. If 6 + 4 = 10 then 10 – 4 = 6 etc


This week we will learn bonds to 6 and to 7. While it is not as important to learn these by memory, they should to be able to work them out using blocks/fingers or by counting on. Eg if I have 5 bananas, how many more do I need until I have 7 bananas.  

There is a new game on the active learn website ACTIVE LEARN

Try these games too

Topic – we have now finished our topic work on the body and the senses. Your child will bring home their topic work on Thursday (in their library folder)


This week we will be starting our new topic about the weather and the seasons.









Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Mangahigh Cobis Maths Challenge

Our school has signed up for the Manghigh Cobis maths challenge. See more details of the challenge here. I'm not sure if this site is in Spanish, sorry.

Your child will be given a login and password today for the manhahigh site .  
From now until the end of November your child will be able to play maths games at home and win virtual medals and points for our school. Some games are easier than others and the levels get progressively harder as you get more questions correct.

As the login is only valid for this month, please take advantage of the next few weeks and play as many games as you can.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Week beginning 4th November


You will be given new oxford reading tree books today (Monday) and this week you will be given the new Read Write Inc book n Thursday.

This week we will be reading about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

Phonics - oo SHORT OO   (Look at a book)
book cook hook shook

This week we will be working on Tens and Units
Eg The number 14 is made up of 1 TEN and 4 UNITS  
32 is 3 TENS and 2 UNITS
We will use the concept of tens and units to compare numbers to see which is smaller or bigger.
There is a new game on the activelearn site which is a snake eating numbers in the correct order, however the game is very hard dur to the fact it is difficult to control the snake.
Try these games too
Topic - Next week we will be starting our new topic on the weather and the seasons. But this week we will use our topic lessons to learn about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. This week we will also broaden our cultural awareness by learning about Diwali. On Friday we will have some Diwali celebrations in school.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Halloween Photos

Here are 2 shots from today. I have loads more photos but there are so many children who cannot have their photos on the blog that I am unable to post them.
If you would like your child to have their photos on the blog, then please email the office, plus a copy to me, so they can amend the data base and I will add more photos in the future. Thanks.

We've had a fun filled day, with too many sweets and biscuits(sorry!!), lots of games, including a treasure hunt, a make a skeleton team game and a make a mummy team game, so as well as having fun we have been learning how to work together.

Have a relaxing holiday!

Monday, 21 October 2019

Week beginning 21st October


Phonics - oo (poo at the zoo) 

food  moon  shoot  school  pool  room 

Your child will bring home new read write inc words today and new oxford reading tree books. They will bring home the new read write inc book on Wednesday.
On Wednesday they will attempt to write their Halloween story using only the Halloween story map (see previous post)

Library books will be changed on Thursday.

As we have finished our topic work on the body, they will bring home their completed booklet about the body and also some art work (we don't have room for all of it.) All this work will be put into their library book folder.


Number bonds to 10
6 + ? = 10  etc

Some children will also learn the inverse of the sums. Eg If I know 6 + 4 = 10  then 10 - 6 = 4 etc

There is no new game on the activelearn site but you can listen to this song or this friends of 10 song and try some of these games.

shoot balls to make 10

visual addition games

save the whale     catch the beaver     I'm not sure if these work - I think they need FLASH

hit the button choose number bonds then make 10 (fast -against the clock)

Curious George museum of 10 - visual bonds to 10

Topic - as we have finished our work on the body and senses we will be using this week to do more Halloween art and crafts.


Don't forget out mini Halloween Show will be on the green pitch on Friday - start prompt at 2.50

Please remember to advise by email or by filling in the form to let us know if you are coming to the show and if you child will return home with you, on the bus or go to club.

On Friday we will have a party with food and games in the classroom. I will buy some food and sweets, but if you would like to send in any food, crisps or sweets (homemade biscuits or cakes) then we would be very grateful.

We will also be making biscuits on Thursday (the children don't know yet) but they can take them home to share with their family.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Story map

In your child's folder (as well as the weekly handwriting homework) they should have a Halloween story map.  A story map is a visual telling of a story.  I have added my story map to the blog, with text. The text is for your benefit only to help you understand the story.  Your child should practice retelling (saying) the story using their story map (without text). The children worked in pairs to create the story map, so they are not exactly the same as mine.

The basic story is …

On a dark, dark night a witch went for a walk in the forest. She saw a ghost/spider/monster. (whatever your child drew). In the spooky house the witch did a spell. The ghost/spider/monster transformed into a frog/vampire/pumpkin. (whatever your child drew)  If they wish to modify the story or improve on it or even draw a new story map then they may. If they have not coloured it in and they would like to, then they may do that too.  They should bring the story map to school in their folder on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so they can also practice retelling it in class.

On Wednesday your child will use their story map to write the story.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Week beginning October 14th


This week we will finally start doing “read write inc” on a regular basis. Today your child will bring home a list of words (green words to sound out, red “tricky” words to learn by memory and “speedy” words from previous books which they should be able to read easily) They should practice reading these words and most children should be able to spell some/most of the words too. The children who are reading red books do not have any words today as we are still finishing off last week's book. They will bring words home tomorrow.

Today your child will have new “Oxford Reading Tree” books and we have also taken away last week’s RWI book. They will be given the RWI book that we are working on this week on Wednesday and it should be returned the following Monday with the ORT reading books. Please make sure the books are returned in their reading folder, along with the yellow reading record (list of books) every Monday.

Remember that library books (in the big transparent folder) should be changed on Thursday.


Phonics – ow (blow the snow) – grow, yellow, show, crow, slow
This week we are revising 2D shapes. Your child should be able to name and describe square, circle, triangle and rectangle. EG a square has 4 sides all the same length and 4 corners. Some children will also know pentagon, hexagon, octagon, oval, diamond (rhombus) & semicircle. There will be a new game on the active learn site. For the purpose of the game a square is a special type of rectangle, so when it says click the rectangles you need to click the squares too. We will also be doing some work on repeating patterns too.
Try these games too, some are easier than others.
catch shapes  (this is quite hard – click on a shape without getting caught by the flying robots and then click on the correct word)
Don’t forget to keep practicing counting to 20 and writing numbers if your child is still unsure. We have also been counting back from 20 to 1.
Topic – we have more or less finished out topic work on the body and senses so this week we will be doing some fun activities and crafts for Halloween.


Monday, 7 October 2019

Monday 7th October


Phonics - igh (fly high)

night  fight  light  might  tights  right 

Last week we finally started "Read Write Inc" but this week we will continue with the same book as last week. The children will bring the book home to practice on Wednesday and it should be returned the following Monday (with the other 2 "Oxford Reading Tree" books) Some children might be rereading a book they read at the end of reception class to regain their confidence.


This week we will be working on measuring the length of objects (using non-standard units, such as blocks, not measuring in cm yet)

Try either of these 2 comparing games or try measuring small objects in the house using paper clips or blocks. the games are fairly easy but all the other games I can find involve measuring with a ruler which we will do later in the year.

We will also work on positional vocabulary - above, below, next to, in front, behind, between etc.

This is a very short positional language game,  Or this pirate game or move the apple game,

Some child might want to try this game but there is a more reading and language involved .


In topic we will continue to work on the 5 senses.

Try singing these songs at home.  Another song.

Last week in computing we worked on mouse control, which some children find hard on a laptop as they are used to using a tablet. Try these at home.  Learning to drag and drop lessons 1-12.  Later in the year we will play some other games on this site.