Friday, 25 October 2019

Halloween Photos

Here are 2 shots from today. I have loads more photos but there are so many children who cannot have their photos on the blog that I am unable to post them.
If you would like your child to have their photos on the blog, then please email the office, plus a copy to me, so they can amend the data base and I will add more photos in the future. Thanks.

We've had a fun filled day, with too many sweets and biscuits(sorry!!), lots of games, including a treasure hunt, a make a skeleton team game and a make a mummy team game, so as well as having fun we have been learning how to work together.

Have a relaxing holiday!

Monday, 21 October 2019

Week beginning 21st October


Phonics - oo (poo at the zoo) 

food  moon  shoot  school  pool  room 

Your child will bring home new read write inc words today and new oxford reading tree books. They will bring home the new read write inc book on Wednesday.
On Wednesday they will attempt to write their Halloween story using only the Halloween story map (see previous post)

Library books will be changed on Thursday.

As we have finished our topic work on the body, they will bring home their completed booklet about the body and also some art work (we don't have room for all of it.) All this work will be put into their library book folder.


Number bonds to 10
6 + ? = 10  etc

Some children will also learn the inverse of the sums. Eg If I know 6 + 4 = 10  then 10 - 6 = 4 etc

There is no new game on the activelearn site but you can listen to this song or this friends of 10 song and try some of these games.

shoot balls to make 10

visual addition games

save the whale     catch the beaver     I'm not sure if these work - I think they need FLASH

hit the button choose number bonds then make 10 (fast -against the clock)

Curious George museum of 10 - visual bonds to 10

Topic - as we have finished our work on the body and senses we will be using this week to do more Halloween art and crafts.


Don't forget out mini Halloween Show will be on the green pitch on Friday - start prompt at 2.50

Please remember to advise by email or by filling in the form to let us know if you are coming to the show and if you child will return home with you, on the bus or go to club.

On Friday we will have a party with food and games in the classroom. I will buy some food and sweets, but if you would like to send in any food, crisps or sweets (homemade biscuits or cakes) then we would be very grateful.

We will also be making biscuits on Thursday (the children don't know yet) but they can take them home to share with their family.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Story map

In your child's folder (as well as the weekly handwriting homework) they should have a Halloween story map.  A story map is a visual telling of a story.  I have added my story map to the blog, with text. The text is for your benefit only to help you understand the story.  Your child should practice retelling (saying) the story using their story map (without text). The children worked in pairs to create the story map, so they are not exactly the same as mine.

The basic story is …

On a dark, dark night a witch went for a walk in the forest. She saw a ghost/spider/monster. (whatever your child drew). In the spooky house the witch did a spell. The ghost/spider/monster transformed into a frog/vampire/pumpkin. (whatever your child drew)  If they wish to modify the story or improve on it or even draw a new story map then they may. If they have not coloured it in and they would like to, then they may do that too.  They should bring the story map to school in their folder on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so they can also practice retelling it in class.

On Wednesday your child will use their story map to write the story.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Week beginning October 14th


This week we will finally start doing “read write inc” on a regular basis. Today your child will bring home a list of words (green words to sound out, red “tricky” words to learn by memory and “speedy” words from previous books which they should be able to read easily) They should practice reading these words and most children should be able to spell some/most of the words too. The children who are reading red books do not have any words today as we are still finishing off last week's book. They will bring words home tomorrow.

Today your child will have new “Oxford Reading Tree” books and we have also taken away last week’s RWI book. They will be given the RWI book that we are working on this week on Wednesday and it should be returned the following Monday with the ORT reading books. Please make sure the books are returned in their reading folder, along with the yellow reading record (list of books) every Monday.

Remember that library books (in the big transparent folder) should be changed on Thursday.


Phonics – ow (blow the snow) – grow, yellow, show, crow, slow
This week we are revising 2D shapes. Your child should be able to name and describe square, circle, triangle and rectangle. EG a square has 4 sides all the same length and 4 corners. Some children will also know pentagon, hexagon, octagon, oval, diamond (rhombus) & semicircle. There will be a new game on the active learn site. For the purpose of the game a square is a special type of rectangle, so when it says click the rectangles you need to click the squares too. We will also be doing some work on repeating patterns too.
Try these games too, some are easier than others.
catch shapes  (this is quite hard – click on a shape without getting caught by the flying robots and then click on the correct word)
Don’t forget to keep practicing counting to 20 and writing numbers if your child is still unsure. We have also been counting back from 20 to 1.
Topic – we have more or less finished out topic work on the body and senses so this week we will be doing some fun activities and crafts for Halloween.


Monday, 7 October 2019

Monday 7th October


Phonics - igh (fly high)

night  fight  light  might  tights  right 

Last week we finally started "Read Write Inc" but this week we will continue with the same book as last week. The children will bring the book home to practice on Wednesday and it should be returned the following Monday (with the other 2 "Oxford Reading Tree" books) Some children might be rereading a book they read at the end of reception class to regain their confidence.


This week we will be working on measuring the length of objects (using non-standard units, such as blocks, not measuring in cm yet)

Try either of these 2 comparing games or try measuring small objects in the house using paper clips or blocks. the games are fairly easy but all the other games I can find involve measuring with a ruler which we will do later in the year.

We will also work on positional vocabulary - above, below, next to, in front, behind, between etc.

This is a very short positional language game,  Or this pirate game or move the apple game,

Some child might want to try this game but there is a more reading and language involved .


In topic we will continue to work on the 5 senses.

Try singing these songs at home.  Another song.

Last week in computing we worked on mouse control, which some children find hard on a laptop as they are used to using a tablet. Try these at home.  Learning to drag and drop lessons 1-12.  Later in the year we will play some other games on this site.

Friday, 4 October 2019

1 more or 1 less than any number

Here's another game you can play at home to practice 1 more or 1 less than any number.
You can choose to play with numbers up to 20 or 30 or even 50 or 100

In the "advanced version" you can also play find a number (for children who are still struggling to recognize numbers to 20)

Some children may like to try the count on or count back version too. 

Today the children have another piece of handwriting homework, practicing the letter a and revising c & o.   It can be completed at your convenience.
Try this website to see and practice letter formation. Most letters are the same formation that we use in school. Note the computer will not know if you are forming the letter correctly or not, so it is important to watch your child practice handwriting both on the tablet or on paper. Handwriting can be boring but is important. Practicing for a short time but often is better than long sessions.
If your child completes the homework (or any other homework they have done) they should put it in the orange/brown tray and I will give them a sticker.