Monday, 14 January 2019

Week beginning 14th January

RWI - new sound ou (shout it out)

round  found  bounce  mouth  house  mouse  loud

As we have changed some of the read write inc groups, we didn't do RWI today, They children will be given new words and the ou sheet tomorrow, and their new books on Wednesday (when they return last times books)

Maths - 3d shape

Name and describe some basic properties of 3d shapes.

There is a new game on the active learn site and you can try these 2 games too

3d shape (it's quite hard, especially the last part)
find 3d shapes (this is a bit easier - a cuboid can also be called a rectangular prism)

Topic - this week we will start learning about toys long ago.  If anyone has (or has parents/grandparents) with toys from long ago, who would like to come in and show them to us/talk about them (n English or Spanish) then please let me know.

PE has now gone back to Fridays (not Monday) 
Library books will still be changed on Monday, other reading books (read write inc & oxford reading tree) should be returned on Wednesdays.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Toy Day

As an introduction to our new topic about toys -  now and long ago, we all brought in our favourite toy today. We showed the toys to our friends, talked about them, took turns playing with the toys, sketched them and painted them.

Below are a few photos



Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Week beginning 8th January

Welcome back. 

This half term our topic is about toys – long ago and now. We will start off our topic by talking about our favourite toy. Please bring your favourite toy to school tomorrow (Wednesday 9.1.18) Practice saying a few things about it. Eg I like it because....  It is made of plastic/metal/wood etc. It was a present from ....  It can ...

Please remember, wth the exception of tomorrow, we prefer that toys are not brought to school. 

Literacy - recognize sound ph (dolphin, photo, graph, phonics, elephant)
We are not doing "read, write inc" this week - your child has been given one new "Oxford Reading Tree" book today and he/she still has 2 books from before the holiday,  Please return all 3 books next Wednsday (16th Jan) when he/she will be given new books.  New "read write inc" words will be sent next Monday as normal. 

Maths - revise 2 digt numbers & place value (value of tens & units) 
Count to 100, read and write 2 & 3 digit numbers. 
Say 1 more/less than any number (rapid recall)

Friday, 21 December 2018

Special Visitor on the last day of school

We have all been good and worked hard this year, so Santa popped in to school to bring us all some presents.

Here are the photos.

If you have indicated that your child cannot have his/her photos on the blog, you can email me today and I will send you the photo.  If you wish to change whether or not you wish your child to be on the block, please notify the office, but let me know too. Thanks




As Isabel arrived late to school because of a doctor's appointment she missed the "Award Assembly" this morning. Luckily Father Christmas was able to present her with her certificate and medal.
And Father Christmas also left a special message for Samuel, who has already gone off on his holidays...

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Last few days

On Thursday we will be having a mini party in school to celebrate Christmas. I will buy some food and sweets, but if anyone feels like cooking, home made cakes and  biscuits or stuff from the supermarket will be greatly appreciated too.

Friday will be a non uniform (party clothes) toady. It is NOT necessary to bring 1€

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the final day for bringing Christmas food for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Friday is the final day for bring hair bobbles/caps/small toys for the poor children in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

On Thursday your child will bring home some OPTIONAL Christmas homework plus all the work they have done this term.  It would be useful if they could bring the big transparent library book folder (without the library book) so they can put their Christmas work and homework in that. 


Friday, 14 December 2018

Snowmen - socks

On Tuesday we will be making snowmen out of socks.

Could you please send in on Monday or Tuesday a small (clean) white sock.  As you are unlikely to use the other odd sock on it's own, please feel free to send that in too, in case some other children forget.
Any scraps of old material would be useful too, but we have some in school already, so don't worry if you don't have any.  Thanks
Hopefully we will make some beautiful snowman crafts.
Don't forget our show on Tuesday afternoon 2pm
Also remember, we are collecting festive Christmas food for the poor families in Jinamar and hair bobbles/caps/small toys for the poor children in Morocco.  (see emails from school for more details) Final day for food is Wednesday. For hair bobbles/caps & small toys, next Friday.  Thank you for your support.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Angel Costumes - change of shoes.

Today we did the dress rehearsal.  Many children wore were their white school trainers, which spoils the effect of their beautiful angel dresses.  If your child hasn't brought any other shoes, if  possible could you please send in some other shoes, preferably white or gold, sparkly pumps or sandals. While we don't expect you to go out and buy a new pair of shoes for a 30 minute performance, we would be grateful if they could wear something other than school trainers. Or your child can be barefoot, however, those wearing tights cannot be barefoot as they might slip.
Thanks for your support.