Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Trip to theatre

As things stand in the current moment we are still going to the theatre tomorrow to see "Adios Peter Pan."  We have done an extra risk assessment and the children will use gel to clean their hands once they get off the bus, in the theatre and once they are back in school they can wash them again. We will also take extra wet wipes and tissues.  We are following government guidelines regarding school excursions.

We will be back in school by just after 11 so the children will eat their snacks 30 minutes later than normal. You may want to give them slightly more breakfast than normal just in case.

They should bring their school bag, water bottle, library books and snacks as normal.

The trip to the farm next week is now also pending another risk assessment and we are waiting to see how the situation evolves as things are changing on a daily basis. A decision will be made by Tuesday. I have not even told the children about the trip to the farm yet in case we are unable to go.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Monday 9th March


Phonics - u-e  huge brute  (use  rude cube  June)
revise oo (poo at the zoo)

Your children will be given new reading bokos tomorrow as normal.

Later this week the children will do a short reading comprehension. They do not need to revise for it and should not worry about it (they don't even know yet.) It is the first proper reading comprehension test they have done and it is a test done by Y1 children in England, so do not be concerned if the result is not as goods as you expected.

This week we are learning addition and subtraction bonds to 9.
Your child should now be able to do sums such as 4+?=9  9-2=? and even 9-?=3 etc

They should also be able to do similar sums to make any number up to 10
Eg 5+?=8  7-4=?  3+?=5 etc

Many of the addition and subtraction games I put on the blog last week can help with this too.

We are also revising doubles up to 5 + 5 and will now do doubles up to 10 + 10 (some children may double other 2 digit numbers too - 40+40 12 + 12 etc)
doubles song

We are also revising number bonds (addition & subtraction to 10) and how we can use that to do addition and subtraction to 20

The activelearn game focuses on bonds to 10.

In topic we are still learning about different types of animals and today we have learned how to classify animals by what they eat - carnivore, omnivore & herbivore.

Please remember that on Thursday we are going to the theatre to see "Adios Peter Pan" I assume they are taking their snack with them, but to be honest I don't know. I'll ask Srta Valeron tomorrow and update the blog accordingly.

Next week we are visiting Tio Isidro farm, you should be receiving an email from school if you haven't already. The children don't even know yet!!

They should take their snack and water as normal and school will provide a packed lunch for them. We will be back in school for about 1.45

Please remember that to help with good hygiene we have decided that it is better if each child has their own REUSABLE water bottle rather than a cup. Your child should have brought home their cup on Friday and should bring a water bottle to school every day. If they drink it all then they can refill it in school. Thanks

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Week beginning March 2nd


Reading books will be changed as normal on Tuesday.

Phonics o-e (phone home)  rope  smoke  note 

We will also revise ow (blow the snow)

We will also be reading and writing facts about animals and in groups we will make some non-fiction books.

Maths – We are still working on adding by counting on, put the bigger number in your head and count on.  We will also work on addition by breaking a number down. If you know you number bonds well you will be able to see that to do 8 + 5 it may be easier to do  8 + 2 (which we know makes 10) and then do 10 + 3 (which we can also do easily)

We will then look at subtraction by counting back and looking at number patterns – if you know 5-2 = 3 then you can easily do 25-2  or 65-2 etc

There will be a new game on the active learn site. Try some of these games too.

Topic – we are still working on classifying animals into groups and will also learn to name the main parts of some animals.  try these videos - we haven't even watched them yet in class.


Thursday, 20 February 2020

Carnival and next week

We've had a lovely day today. We made up our own Carnival songs, made masks, worked in pairs to do a treasure hunt and played some games too.

Have a relaxing holiday.

As there are only 2 days next school week we will give your child 2 new “Oxford Readng Tree” books but not a “Read Write Inc” book. Reading books and library books will both be changed on Thursday.


We will learn the split e sound (Go Pete and Steve)  sphere  complete  these   here   eve  even


In maths we will be practicing counting on starting with the bigger number and counting on from that number. Eg 62 + 3 = 

We will also look at number patterns to help us – If you know 5 +3 is 8 then you can easily do 25 + 3   or 65 + 3 etc

There will be a new game on the active learn site.


We are continuing our work on animals, classifying them into mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds & fish.



Monday, 17 February 2020

Monday 17th Feb


As this is a shorter week than normal, we will not have time to do any “read write inc” lessons although your child will still be reading in school and will get new reading books on Tuesday as normal.  Library books will still be changed on Thursday even though it is Carnival.



i-e – (nice smile)  like  rice  ice  line  time  knife

We will also revise igh (fly high)




This week we are revising number bonds to 10 and using those bonds to do subtraction from 10. We will also revise bonds to make 5 6 & 7 and then learn to make 8  Eg 3+?=8            8-3=? etc


There is a new (subtraction bonds) game on the active learn site and you can try these games too.

clear it addition (hit 2 or 3 numbers to make the target score – the numbers must be touching each other left /right or up/down but not diagonally)

subtraction facts subtraction practise

Try this game for addition bonds (choose to do bonds to 5,6,7 or 8) save the whale bonds



Topic – we have now finished out topic on toys now and long ago. Sometime this week your child will bring home his topic work to show you. There is no need to return it to school.

Our new topic for the remainder of this term will be animals.



Carnival – your child should come to school dressed in Carnival clothes this Thursday. There is no Carnival assembly or show for parents this year.

Remember, there is no school (for children) on Friday.  Normal school will resume the following Thursday 27th February.



Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Theatre trip

Tomorrow we are going on a trip to the theatre in Telde.  We will leave about 9.30 and will be back by 11.30

As there is no time to eat their snack there, they will eat before we leave (rather early) so please bear this in mind. Maybe give them less breakfast and a normal snack. Or normal breakfast and a very small snack.  If the children do not finish their snack they will be able to eat it later, after lunch or in the afternoon if they are still hungry. 

They should bring their school bags and library book to school as normal although they will not need to take anything with them on the trip. 

Monday, 10 February 2020

Week beginning Monday 10th Feb

Literacy - this week there will be no "read write inc" lessons, but your child will bring home new books tomorrow as normal. Please note, they will not have read the book or even the words at all in school with us so they may find it harder than normal. 

Phonics - this week's sound is the split a  (a-e    make a cake)  snake  name  same   game   shake  plate   (There are lots more words)
& revise ay (may I play)

This week we are doing some half termly assessment. they are nothing to worry about and your child does not need to revise, it is simply to monitor their progress and our teaching. Today we did one on spelling and vocab and tomorrow there will be a reading one.
This week (tomorrow) in literacy (and probably next week too= we will read the story of Dogger and do some work based on the story.  You can listen to the story here if you wish. Dogger video 
 In maths we are revising counting in 2s and learning to make pairs.  On Wednesday there will be an assessment covering most of the work we have done this term. Again, no need to revise.  We will also do some work on fractions - recognising half and quarter of a shape/piece of fruit. There will be a new game on the active learn site tomorrow.
Topic - we have more or less finished our topic on toys long ago. Today we made an old fashioned "catch the ball in the cup" toy out of a yogurt pot.
On Thursday Y1-Y4 are going on a trip to Telde to learn about healthy living.
Tomorrow is "safer internet day" so all week we will be watching videos and listening to stories of how to play safely on the internet.
EG Never give out personal information (this is more relevant to older children) and always ask an adult if you see something and you don't know what it is/what to do.