Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Week beginning Monday 16th September

Phonics - this week we will continue working on the digraphs sh ch & th and trying to read and spell words using these sounds. Your child should be able to use "Fred talk" to sound out words like... 

shop  ship  shut  shed
chop  chip  chin 
thin  thick  maths  bath

Try reading, spelling or making these words with magnetic letters. 

Reading - Today your child will have brought home some reading books which they can practice reading at home. They should return the books and the yellow "reading record" next Monday to be changed.  They do not need to bring the books to school every day.

With the reading books is a yellow "reading record" the same one from last year. Inside the front cover there is a list of books in that level. The children may not have to read all the books and not always in that order. I have written the date that child was given that book. When they return it the following Monday I will put a tick. If you wish to write the name of the books your child is reading and a comment on the white pages of the "reading record" then you may.

Maths - we are still working on numbers to 20 and correct number formation. Some children are beginning to read numbers written in words (one, two, three etc)

Topic - we are still learning about the body and this week we will focus on the face. 

Homework - on the whole I do not like to send much homework in the form of worksheets, however handwriting is an important part of the curriculum, so later this week your child will bring home a sheet to practice writing numerals to 20. Please sit with your child while they do this sheet to make sure the digits are formed correctly.  For some children they will need to practice more than just on this worksheet. Feel free to continue practising at home. Trying writing digits in the sand or painting them too. To help your child recognize the numbers better trying playing bingo or memory.
Try this teddy counting game too.
From time to time, if your child finds a piece of work difficult he/she will be given the sheet to repeat at home with you (if you are able.) There is no specific day to complete and return it. Once I have given the children their first piece of homework, I will put a tray out in the corridor, next to the red folder box, where the children can put completed homework. All children who complete homework (and put it into the tray) will be given a sticker.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Library Books and reading books

Library Books

Today your child has brought home a library book in a big transparent folder.  It is not expected that your child can read this book, although there are many books they will be able to read. The aim is to develop a love of books and reading.  If he/she can't read it, then read it to them/with them. Talk about the pictures too. Enjoy the book and the time spent with your child. 
The letter in the library folder says please return the book on Friday so they can choose a new one. However, we have had to make a few changes to the timetables and so for now, they should return the book on Thursday, when they will choose a new one, which they will take home on either Thursday or Friday.

Reading books
For various reasons we will not be able to start the "read, write inc" lessons next week. In the meantime your child will bring home (on Monday) two "Oxford Reading Tree" books. This is a different reading scheme which we use to supplement the RWI scheme, however the reading is not based entirely on phonics, so do not be concerned if your child cannot read all the words in the book. Encourage him/her to use the pictures to help decode the word. Some words (the red words in RWI) are just learned by memory and repetition.
 These books should be returned next Monday, when they will be changed for new books.  If you find that the book is very easy or very difficult for your child, please let me know.

Try to read 15-20 minutes a day with your child. This doesn't just mean that they need to read their book to you every day. Initially with younger children, read the book together, read with them, read a story at bedtime etc. Reading the words from the "read write inc" books (when you get them) is part of the 15-20 minutes reading time. One day, play a game of pairs or bingo with the words from a book. Another day, read to them but mis-read or miss out a word and ask them to correct you.  Some days read in English and other days in Spanish.  But more important than anything, develop a love of reading, it shouldn't be seen as a chore or an obligation.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Welcome to Year 1

I haven't managed to attach the information as a document, so I have done screen shots of my word document. Hope that works. It's a bit blurred but hopefully you can understand it. If you need the information in a digital form, please send me an email.

This week we have been revising the set 1 letter sounds
Some of have used these sounds to spell simple words.
We have played these games in class:
Try this link to listen to the sounds (for parents)
In the following weeks we will revise the sounds sh  ch & th
We have also practised counting to 20 and writing the numbers correctly. Listen to this song at home if you're not sure how to say or write the numbers to 20
Next week we will continue with numbers to 20 (or more) and on counting objects and recognising the numbers.
Next week we will also start our topic on the body.
Please remember there is no school on Monday. On Thursday will be school photo day, so make sure you come in your smartest uniform.
I forgot to add at the parent's information meeting that we would prefer the children to bring a healthy snack (no sweets or chocolates) and avoiding throw away plastic wherever possible. NO GLASS
If your child has an actimel/yogurt/juice talk to them about the fact it is made from plastic and it should be thrown in the yellow bin at school.  Later on we will work on this in school too. But in the meantime, every little thing helps us save the planet.
Given that there is no school on Monday and I have mentioned next weeks objectives above, there will probably not be another blog post until Monday 16th September
Any questions or doubts please email me