Friday, 20 December 2019


We must have been good and worked hard this year because Santa came to visit us today. We've all promised him we will continue to work hard, be good for our parents and teachers and be kind to everyone.

I have a photo of each person with Santa. But only half of them are permitted to be on the blog. If you want the photo please let me know by email.

I also have numerous other photos of the trip to Divertilandia, Christmas jumper day and other Christmas fun, but again, many children can't be on the blog and I have not had time to select the photos which can be used.

 Christmas Jumper Day for UNICEF




Yesterday the children brought home some homework in their library book folder and a maths books which we will not need next term so they can complete if they wish (you do not need to return it.) 

If they compete the Christmas homework and return it then I will give them a sticker but it in NOT OBLIGATORY. The children deserve a rest as they have worked hard.

You can also play any of the games on the blog (mangahigh has now finished, unfortunately it was only a 2 week trial)

Try these sites too

teach your monster to read

links to various reading games at a variety of levels

Happy Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Reading Books

For some reason I though today was Wednesday so I started changing reading books. If your child has brought home new reading books today, it is not necessary to bring them again tomorrow. If they do not have their books today, please send them in tomorrow (Wed) as normal to be changed. Please send the library books in on Thursday as normal. We will use the big library folder to send home some of their Christmas work too.

Homework for the holidays.

Some parents have requested work for the holidays and others do not want any.  School has suggested that each class should have 2 or 3 pieces of work, which is what I will send home on Thursday.

On Wednesday the children will bring home most of the work they have done this term so you can look through that and practice things they have struggled with. They will also bring home the maths book. Not all of the pages are completed so they can complete that too if they wish, but it is not necessary to return it.  (See note inside the maths book)

Any child who completes the homework sheets will be given a sticker if they return it. If you choose not to do it, or to do it in January,  that is fine too.

Many children also need to practise their handwriting. Unfortunately, it is the most boring task there is. Perhaps they can draw a picture for their Grandparents (or whoever) saying thank you for their present, but insist that the writing MUST be there BEST HANDWRITING.  Doing your best writing for a reason, rather than just doing a sheet, is more effective.



Monday, 16 December 2019

Last week of School!!!!!!

We have almost made it. This last week will be full of fun Christmas activities.

Tomorrow is the Infant show (Christmas with the Aliens) which will start at 2pm prompt.

On Wednesday we will watch the junior show (Y3-Y6)

On Thursday we might do some real work!!! We are practicing adding money.  But I'm sure there will be time for more Christmas fun too! Try some of these games over the holidays  money games, coins games. We practice adding both UK coins and Euros/cents. There is also a new game for recognising UK coins on the activelearn site.

On Friday we will have a mini party and hopefully (if we're good) Santa will pop in at some point to bring us some presents.
On Friday your child may wear whatever clothes he/she wants (no charge)
School will provide some food for the party, but if you would like to cook something at home with your children, feel free!

Thanks to all of you who have sent in presents for the poorer children in Jinamar and for sending the 1 euro for UNICEF last  Friday.

The books from the book club have arrived. We will be giving them out to the children on Thursday (due to shows on Tuesday & Wednesday) If you would like the book to be a surprise present, please let me know and I can give it to you in person.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Last weeks of school

Today your child's report will be online, via the login page of the school website. Please see previous blog post and email from office (yesterday) for more information about the report.

In your child's reading folder there is also a form to fill in if you have questions/doubts about your child's report and you would like to come and see us.

Tomorrow we will do the dress rehearsal. If your child has not yet brought in his/her costume, please send it in tomorrow. 

On Friday children should come to school wearing a Christmas jumper/t-shirt. This jumper/t-shirt is currently part of their Christmas show costume. Tomorrow they will bring it home so they can wear it on Friday. It should then be returned on Monday or Tuesday ready for the show.  On Friday they should wear the Christmas jumper/t-shirt (with any trousers/skirt - it doesn't have to be uniform) and bring 1 euro for UNICEF.

School has also sent an email requesting that each child has a plastic bag (or even better a re-usable bag) inside their school bag. Over the next few days there will be lots of things they need to bring home and there is not always room in the school bags.  This bag should be kept in the school bag at all times, not just over the Christmas period. The books from the book club will be arriving in the next few days.

If you would like to buy a present for a child less fortunate than ourselves, We are still collecting gifts to be distributed around Jinamar. (see email from office at the beginning if the month.) We are still missing 5 euros from some children to pay for the gift from the "special visitor" on the last day of term. If you have not sent that yet, please send it in too.


Week beginning Monday 2nd December

THis is last weeks blog post but it appears I didn't actually put it online. Sorry

Literacy - this week we are learning the sound ir (whirl and twirl)

skirt   girl   shirt   bird   dirty   first   third

There will be no Read Write Inc lessons this week however they children will still bring home a RWI book (and Oxford Reading Tree books) on Wednesday as normal. They may find this book harder as we will not have worked on it in class.

Today the children have done a simple test in literacy and later this week they will do a maths assessment. It is not necessary for the children to revise, nor to worry about. It is just for us to monitor their progress and get them in the habit of tests for later in their school years. The grade given on their reports (which you will receive next week) is based mainly on the work the children do in class not on the tests.

Maths - there is no new maths objective or new game this week as we are busy doing tests and preparing for Christmas.

You can try this game to interpret bar graphs and answer a variety of questions at different levels.
Eg How many children like football? How many children like golf?  How many more like football than golf etc.

Topic - we are still working on the seasons.

Trip - On Wednesday we will be visiting a theatre to see a play about recycling. Hopefully after that the children will be more aware of what we can recycle in school and what should go in the bin. Here in school we encourage them to put any plastic waste from snacks in the yellow bin.  We also encourage them not to waste paper or paper towels.

We have already received some presents to give to the poorer people of Jinamar. Last week school sent an email requesting each child buy a present of about 10 euros and bring it to school wrapped to be delivered to Jinamar church. Please also remember to send in an envelope with 5€ for presents from the special end of term visitor.

We will also be visiting Divertilandia next Tuesday (10th) The cost for this will be added onto you January school fees.


The reports should be online today. they are different from the Nursery and Reception reports (and for those of you with older brothers/sisters) the format has changed)

Below is some additional information to help you better understand your child’s report.

As explained in the email yesterday, the reports have a new format. If your child has a grade of ACHIEVED then he/she is working at the expected level for Year One.  Most of your child’s report will be ACHIEVED and this indicates that they are working at the level they should be.  Some children will have some grades that are working towards the expected level and a few will have confident.  At this young age (only learning English for a short time) it is unlikely that your child will be confident (beyond age expectations) in many areas of the curriculum.

For the ELLI section this term your child will only have a score for busy bee (working with others) and a persevering turtle (not giving up).  The rest will still say NEVER. This does not mean that they never show these skills, but that we have not yet controlled to see how often the show these skills.


In maths the measure objective is based measuring & comparing length (using blocks, not rulers)

The geometry objective  -  names and basic properties of 2D shapes

Science – parts of body & senses

Humanities (Geography) - knowledge and understanding of the seasons.

Computing – mouse control /drawing

PE – throwing and catching and general body control during PE

Art – general work throughout the term

Music – effort in singing


This is the phonics we have done this term. Set 2 sounds

 Vowel sound
Set 2 Speed Sound Rhyme
Green words
ay: may I play
day play say may tray today
ee: what can you see?
seen need sleep feel three green
igh: fly high
might light sight night fright
ow: blow the snow
snow flow know show blow
oo: poo at the zoo
mood fool pool stool moon spoon
oo: look at a book
took shook cook foot
ar: start the car
bar park smart sharp car spark
or: shut the door
sort short worn horse sport fork
air: that’s not fair
fair stair hair lair chair
ir: whirl and twirl
girl third whirl twirl dirt
We will begin with these after the holidays
ou: shout it out
mouth round found loud shout
oy: toy for a boy
toy boy enjoy