Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Week beginning Monday 2nd December

THis is last weeks blog post but it appears I didn't actually put it online. Sorry

Literacy - this week we are learning the sound ir (whirl and twirl)

skirt   girl   shirt   bird   dirty   first   third

There will be no Read Write Inc lessons this week however they children will still bring home a RWI book (and Oxford Reading Tree books) on Wednesday as normal. They may find this book harder as we will not have worked on it in class.

Today the children have done a simple test in literacy and later this week they will do a maths assessment. It is not necessary for the children to revise, nor to worry about. It is just for us to monitor their progress and get them in the habit of tests for later in their school years. The grade given on their reports (which you will receive next week) is based mainly on the work the children do in class not on the tests.

Maths - there is no new maths objective or new game this week as we are busy doing tests and preparing for Christmas.

You can try this game to interpret bar graphs and answer a variety of questions at different levels.
Eg How many children like football? How many children like golf?  How many more like football than golf etc.

Topic - we are still working on the seasons.

Trip - On Wednesday we will be visiting a theatre to see a play about recycling. Hopefully after that the children will be more aware of what we can recycle in school and what should go in the bin. Here in school we encourage them to put any plastic waste from snacks in the yellow bin.  We also encourage them not to waste paper or paper towels.

We have already received some presents to give to the poorer people of Jinamar. Last week school sent an email requesting each child buy a present of about 10 euros and bring it to school wrapped to be delivered to Jinamar church. Please also remember to send in an envelope with 5€ for presents from the special end of term visitor.

We will also be visiting Divertilandia next Tuesday (10th) The cost for this will be added onto you January school fees.

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