Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Week beginning March 2nd


Reading books will be changed as normal on Tuesday.

Phonics o-e (phone home)  rope  smoke  note 

We will also revise ow (blow the snow)

We will also be reading and writing facts about animals and in groups we will make some non-fiction books.

Maths – We are still working on adding by counting on, put the bigger number in your head and count on.  We will also work on addition by breaking a number down. If you know you number bonds well you will be able to see that to do 8 + 5 it may be easier to do  8 + 2 (which we know makes 10) and then do 10 + 3 (which we can also do easily)

We will then look at subtraction by counting back and looking at number patterns – if you know 5-2 = 3 then you can easily do 25-2  or 65-2 etc

There will be a new game on the active learn site. Try some of these games too.

Topic – we are still working on classifying animals into groups and will also learn to name the main parts of some animals.  try these videos - we haven't even watched them yet in class.


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