Monday, 10 February 2020

Week beginning Monday 10th Feb

Literacy - this week there will be no "read write inc" lessons, but your child will bring home new books tomorrow as normal. Please note, they will not have read the book or even the words at all in school with us so they may find it harder than normal. 

Phonics - this week's sound is the split a  (a-e    make a cake)  snake  name  same   game   shake  plate   (There are lots more words)
& revise ay (may I play)

This week we are doing some half termly assessment. they are nothing to worry about and your child does not need to revise, it is simply to monitor their progress and our teaching. Today we did one on spelling and vocab and tomorrow there will be a reading one.
This week (tomorrow) in literacy (and probably next week too= we will read the story of Dogger and do some work based on the story.  You can listen to the story here if you wish. Dogger video 
 In maths we are revising counting in 2s and learning to make pairs.  On Wednesday there will be an assessment covering most of the work we have done this term. Again, no need to revise.  We will also do some work on fractions - recognising half and quarter of a shape/piece of fruit. There will be a new game on the active learn site tomorrow.
Topic - we have more or less finished our topic on toys long ago. Today we made an old fashioned "catch the ball in the cup" toy out of a yogurt pot.
On Thursday Y1-Y4 are going on a trip to Telde to learn about healthy living.
Tomorrow is "safer internet day" so all week we will be watching videos and listening to stories of how to play safely on the internet.
EG Never give out personal information (this is more relevant to older children) and always ask an adult if you see something and you don't know what it is/what to do.

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